With the launch of the BURST Pro & Curve and the expansion to the toothbrush line since the company's inception,  I worked closely with Warm & Fuzzy to execute fun and exciting 3D animated films for the brushes which are very different from the style guide I created internally, and the marketing plan is vastly different for each brush.

For the Curve below, we pitch the idea of a film where the toothbrush was "larger than life" with its own personality. Instead of the brush living in the consumer world, I wanted it to live its own life. Think "White Lotus" meets "Wes Anderson", I gave Warm & Fuzzy a top-level idea of scenes that played off of some of the marketing features of the product, and they were able to create a fun, irreverent world that is still one of my favorite projects to date. Below is the film and stills, that were leveraged across social, paid media, email, and web.
For the Pro brush, which is a more tech-focused product, the concept was to have a more traditionally tech-inspired video that spelled out the features of the brush that make it a step up from the original BURST Sonic Toothbrush. Creative direction was given to Warm & Fuzzy again in a storyboard, based on the new features of the brush, as well as with mood boards for colors and vibes, and W&F again executed a cool and modern film and stills that were leveraged across social, paid media, email, and web. 
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