In my role at UV, I was lucky to also have a hand in designing some patterns, graphics, and even concepts for some product designs for Unique Vintage licenses collections. 

I worked on fashion design for collaborations with Harry Potter, Beetlejuice, JAWS, Gremlins, Care Bears, I Love Lucy, Universal Monsters, Jurassic Park, Coca-Cola, Wonder Woman, and more. Below are some of my personal favrorites.
Full line concept, pattern design, graphic tee design, and asset manipulation for all of the UV x Harry Potter collection.
Print, graphic tee & skirt, and accessories design for UV x Beetlejuice collection
Print design for UV x Universal Monsters collections
Prints, tees, accessories for UV x JAWS collection 
Print & graphic tee design for UV x Gremlins
Print and graphic tee design for UV x I Love Lucy collection
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